Our approach

Our approach is based on the principles of systemic family therapy , which stresses the importance of recognizing that each individual is embedded in a complex pattern of relationships which influence ones life.

The Systems Approach assumes that every human being - no matter how difficult the situation in life - has access to a multitude of skills and choices to solve their problems and find new options for development. Our therapeutic values include to respect  our clients' autonomy, to approach them with neutrality and curiosity, to listen and to utilize their existing resources and competences. Theses values shape our therapeutic relationship. 

In Therapy/Counseling but also in Supervision and Coaching   we focus on developing the already existing - but sometimes buried or hidden - potential.

We see our practice Entwicklung[s]raum - Room for Development - as a place, where clients can take room for themselves and their development. We encourage our clients to rewrite their problem stories into stories of solution and development. We try to offer our support guided by the principle "as much as necessary but as little as possible". The goal is to initiate development and growth which leads to new perspectives and scopes of action..

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