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    Couple Therapy

    Surviving as a couple is a challenge in today's society. Balancing work and family, dealing with changes (values, options, etc):  all these have an impact on couplehood. The potential for conflict is ever growing. Love and desire can get lost in the daily hassle. Partners  become strangers even when living close together.

    In couple therapy we want to offer you a communicative space, where you and your partner can develop a new understanding regarding your relationship and all the emotions connected with it such as  desire, hurt feelings, anger, grief. Sometimes it is important to reflect the current challenges, obstacles or talk about  topics like sexuality, parenthood, communication and conflict in the therapeutic setting.  Sometimes it is helpful to look at the individual  families of origin to better understand personal experiences and values and how they may be different in each family. Sometimes couple therapy means to develop the setting for a constructive separation with all its challenges and changes. 

    In our experience it proved to be helpful and efficient to work with two counselors in couple therapy. Please feel free to ask to counselled by both of us, this including the male and female perspective.

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