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Supervision & Coaching

Supervision & Coaching are  professional counseling formats with a special focus on your professional life. We offer these formats for individuals, groups and teams.

Supervision offers qualified support to help you cope with job related challenges and reflect your professional situation. Our systemic approach lets us look at these with the additional focus on relational aspects. We believe, that people can only understand their work related experiences and behaviour if they take the surrounding context into account.

Coaching is defined as work-related professional Counseling for people working in  management- and leadership positions. An important focus in coaching-processes is to support the interpersonal competences of leaders to help them reach the goals of their organisation. Reflecting the individual management - or leadership position within the relational context of the organisation helps to develop a clear leadership profile and support the leader with fulfilling their tasks. 

In Entwicklung[s]raum we support individuals, groups and teams  in their processes of learning, change and development. We want  to offer them a space where they can connect with their resources and potentials to develop new strategies. At the same time we validate what's already been  successful and look for ways to apply these to the current tasks and challenges. We want to support you to use, increase or develop your "key qualifications" such as the ability to cooperate, to do teamwork, to communicate and solve conflicts with superiors and colleagues

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