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Individual Therapy

In individual therapy we counsel you during challenging and/or  painful periods in your life, i.e. when you go through a crisis in an important relationship (separation, divorce, relationship problems), are suffering from a mental illness (i.e. depressive symptoms, anxiety, burnout, personality disorders), physical impairment or psychosomatic disorders, or are confronted with general overload or straining changes in private or professional life. We decided to call  our practice Entwicklung[s]raum (Developmental Space) because we want to offer you space to develop new options and expand your scopes of action. 

Indivual Counseling can also be helpful to raise your awareness about your own biography (biographic work), or better understand your family history with its relevant patterns of relationships or behaviors. To reflect these patterns can help to open new scopes in your life.

If a diagnosis according to the ICD 10 classification of diseases is applicable, you can file for a partial refund by an Austrian Health Insurance. For this you will need a written referral by a general pracitioner or medical specialist.

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