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Child - and Adolescent Therapy

Sometimes children or adolescents have difficulties mastering a developmental step which can lead to emotional and/or social problems. Live events like divorce, loss of a loved one, moving to a new home, starting a new school can create a situation of discomfort and stress, and can lead to aggression, withdrawal or sadness/grief. Sometimes the Communication between Parent and Child is a big challenge. When parental strategies are not sufficient any longer, it can be helpful to accept support. It needs a villages to raise a Child (African Wisdom).

Working with children and adolescents we often include creative methods to  complement the therapeutic dialogue.  Issues such as problems in school, eating disorders, enuresis, behavioral problems, anxiety, self harming behavior, and peer group issues, etc.can often be tackled with creative approaches to encourage development and change. 

Some young people do not want to be "sent to therapy". Sometimes we decide that family therapy is the better approach then.

When we do indiviudal therapy with children, we always offer coaching sessions for  parents as well, where we focus on parental presence, non-violent resistance and solution focused approaches.

To reach the agreed goal for therapy it can be helpful to built a network between the therapist and the child's relevant context (i.e. other family members, schools, etc). Of course this is only possible within the strict rules of confidentiality of the Austrian law of therapy. 

We do offer remote therapy. Please feel free to contact us

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